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September exchangesEducation-International

Posted by Darek Wed, January 31, 2018 20:25:41

September is here and we are happy to take part in 2 exchanges: 1 in Warzenko and second in JAunimo Sodyba in Lithuania.
It's time to put our work in practice!

We took part in six workshops : 2 x dance, theatre, music, circus and drama .

The best part were the performances! We did 5 different performances for local communities it was amazing!


Stop Climate Change DEBATEwork on "Stop Climate Changes"

Posted by Darek Mon, June 19, 2017 17:00:23

On May 18, 2017 Reda Culture House hosted an Oxford-style debate on climate changes in the Baltic Sea region; School no. 2 was represented by four pupils: Laura Elwart, Ola Hinc, Klaudia Murszewska and Ania Ratke.

The event began with presentations made local authorities, including the mayor of Reda, responsible for carrying out local environmental protection tasks as well as projects and actions promoting ecological behaviour. During a brief discussion, we summarized the May youth exchanges in Reda, Nykoebing and Klaipeda; then we had an opportunity to listen to an exciting lecture on environmental economics as well as participate in workshops and ecological games.

The main feature of the meeting was an Oxford-style debate (Reda versus Wejherowo), which was attended by young people from three schools that have participated in "Let's Do It" – Schools no. 1 and 2 from Reda and Szkoła Społeczna from Wejherowo; its subject was human influence on climate change on our planet. Reda schools tried to convince the audience that such changes were caused by people whereas youngsters from Wejherowo supported their natural origin.

After a long and substantive discussion, the audience accepted the convincing arguments of both sides and the debate ended in a fair tie. Each participant not only left the event rich in knowledge about the environmental care and protection, but also received a small (ecological, of course) souvenir.

1st step of the projectwork on "Stop Climate Changes"

Posted by Monika Wed, April 12, 2017 21:59:33

Just a quick update on the recent work on "Stop Climate Changes".
Our students watched a BBC documentary on Climate Changes followed by a presentation showing the results of climate change and what actions we could all implement in our lives to protect the environment.
The presentation finished with few tasks that we are currently working on (We are calculating the CO2 emissions, preparing the carbon footprint results and working on a debate that will take place at the end of April).
So far our students created posters to raise the awarness of the climate changes problem.
Few pictures attached :)

14th June meeting in WejherowoLocal Meetings

Posted by Darek Wed, November 16, 2016 23:35:55

14th June project manager Bo Otterstroem and financial manager Connie Sylvester from Guldborgsund, DK,

met with the 2 Polish partners in order to discuss the project so far.

On 15th June Jolanta Manska from Wejherowo and Bo Otterstroem visited the possible new project-venue “Starbienino” in the countryside of Wejherowo.

New venue for exchange in Polandwork on "Stop Climate Changes"

Posted by Darek Wed, November 16, 2016 22:58:13

We have a new place for the exchanges in Poland. You will break your tongue trying to pronounce the name. WARZENKO is the location here is the link to the new venue :


You will love it!Blog imageBlog image

Planned Actionswork on "Stop Climate Changes"

Posted by Darek Wed, November 16, 2016 22:45:41

Planned actions for "Stop Climate Change"

1 school project – stop climate change :

- students receive key words and prepare posters on the given subject (entire school involved)

- in class presentations

2- inter school debate on Climate ChangeBlog image

- Wejherowo and Reda prepare a debate on Stop climate change

- Involve local authorities if possible

3. my carbon footprint - international project

Students from different countries work to creating their individual carbon footprint profile and compare the results

Steering Group Meeting - MinutesLocal Meetings

Posted by Darek Wed, November 16, 2016 22:40:26

Here You will find minutes from our meeting in Goldborgsund. The meeting took place on the 31.10.2016.