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work on "Stop Climate Changes"Posted by Birgit Dünow Fri, April 13, 2018 14:13:24

Project grade 5 – Experimentarium

22nd March 2018 in Zingst

Topic: How easy it can be to save the planet by using

alternative energy sources

Extreme weather conditions might already be a result of climate change - that’s what we first experienced that day. We had already learned in previous projects about the danger of climate change for the weather on earth. It doesn’t necessarily have to be warmer everywhere ( like a president of a huge country always thinks), but in many regions of the earth more extreme like heavy rain, storm or snow. Our region MV might even disappear under water because of melting ice.

Heavy snow end of March, it is spring time, so we were surprised. Buses were late, some students couldn’t arrive in time and had to stay at school.

Our bus to Zingst needed more time to go to there.

The project there was very nice. The teachers there had a lot of time to answer all our questions because we were the only guests. We had a lot of time to do some interesting experiments. So we send letters and small parcels through a long pipe only with muscular strength. Then we made small trains move with solar power.

There is so much energy around us that could be used. But there is still the problem of storing it. Scientists are trying hard to solve it and have found amazing solutions.

Finally we arrived home safely on a cold and snowy spring day.

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