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May exchange 2017

work on "Stop Climate Changes"Posted by Birgit Dünow Mon, May 15, 2017 14:08:40
Students from Schwaan take part in May 2017 exchange in Nykobing
Diary of a wonderful week in Denmark

First day - Saturday, 6th May

The weather is very nice for the ferry trip from Rostock to Gedser. We join the bus that is coming from Kleipeda. All the students from there and the Polish students look very tired, many of them were on the road for nearly 20 hours. We are very excited about what will happen in Nykobing. Our first impression of Marieskolen - a very modern and big school building! You can get lost here. We prepare everything for a night in classrooms. Then we meet all the other participants. It is very nice and we soon start to talk talk to each other.

Second day - Sunday, 5th May
A sunny day, we have a wonderful breakfast at school. We meet in a circle and get to know each other, say how we feel, our names and where we come from. Then we go for a walk in Nykobing. The food at lunch is great again, we are a bit jealous because the Danish students can have that every day. Soon we start working in project groups with Booma, Daniela and Boris. It is great fun. We all try to give our best from the beginning. Time goes by very fast.
In the evening we have an intercultural evening. Every country presents something nice like a song or dance. But the best are the food tasters, we walk from table to table and enjoy the sweets, cakes and cheese and talk a lot.

Third day - Monday, 8th May
We take our luggage out of the rooms, something we have to do every day-it is a school!
It's Philip's birthday. His dance course sings an extra song for him. Then we work hard to get ready for the performances on Wednesday.
In the evening we go on working on our ideas against climate change. Photo number five shows the winners.

Fourth day - Tuesday, 9th May
We get ready very fast in the morning, have those fresh made rolls which we like so much and it is easy not to have our daily cornflakes.
Some games in the circle and we hurried to the project rooms. We get better and better. Some paintings have to be finished in the art project. Some steps have to be added in the dance project. Some changes have to be practised in the music project. And how can we combine all the results to a nice performance and show the audiance our ideas for a work against climate change?
The rehearsal in the ecening is perfect-is it a good sign for tomorrow?

The last day smiley - Wednesday, 10th May
A rainy day. That doesn't matter to us. At 9 we get on the bus to Vaeggerloese for the first performance at school there. It is a short trip. We are not too excited. We perform our program in a very nice and old gym, the audience is wonderful and gives lots of applause. We get freshmade buns and a drink as a treat and enjoy everything after the performance. The next performance at Sophieskolen is a lot of fun too. Time goes by too fast now. We have some freetime before we meet for the closing circle. It is still raining, pity, because we would like to go into town for a while with our new friends. Talking in English is easy now.
We get our certificates and say good bye to the Danish group. After the bus trip to Gedser and a nice ferry trip to Rostock we have to say good bye to all the other friends which is not so easy.
We would like to visit them or work in a project again as soon as possible.

Good bye friends and see you soonsmiley

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