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Let's do It - Garzdai LT

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Meeting at the municipality

Education-InternationalPosted by Asta Lukauskiene Mon, November 28, 2016 18:10:19

In the afternoon, Wednesday 28.9, the study-visit-group from Guldborgsund did meet with mayor, school-leader and head of education from Gargzdai Municipality .The principle of Gargzdai "Minija" progymnasium Antanas Jacikas, the vice - head Ramune Balsyte and the project coordinator at Minija progymnasium Asta Lukauskiene also participated in the meeting.Project-manager Bo Otterstroem gave the partnership-contract to vice-school-leader Ramune Balsyte from Gargzdai Minija Progymnasium.

You will find the minutes attached from the meeting.